Does your child need help with maths?

Does your child find Maths difficult or confusing?

Are are you a parent concerned about your child’s lack of progress or loss of confidence in Maths?

Are you worried that the Maths targets set for your child are too low?

Does your child struggle with Maths homework?

Will they have difficulty understanding new Maths concepts introduced in Years 8, 9 and 10?

Schoolgirl struggling with Maths - she needs Active Tutoring Company's help: Image by Image by Yassay from Pixabay
Some jobs need you to pass exams. Active Tutoring can help you to boost your confidence and understanding in advance.

Or do you need help with Maths?

Do you find Maths difficult or confusing?

Do you want to help your child with their Maths

Do you want to gain that all important qualification in Maths to boost your job prospects?

Do you wish to improve your Maths grade?

Maths tuition can:

  • Provide the added support that a student needs

  • Enhance the understanding required ahead of crucial exams

We know that tutoring on a regular basis builds confidence over time. Some students do not ask questions in a classroom for fear of ‘showing themselves up’ and, for them, Maths tuition may be just the thing that can overcome these learning hurdles. Our tutors create a positive learning environment that allows a student to fulfil their potential. Students are given the opportunity to ask questions and practice the skills required to maximise progress. Such detailed preparation can be difficult to achieve in a classroom with many other students.

Our Tutors

We offer personalised tuition from DBS-checked tutors in Malvern, Worcestershire throughout the year. All our tutoring is carried out by qualified Maths tutors. All registered students can also email, phone or Skype for personal coaching between sessions at agreed times.

Area Covered by Active Tutoring

The majority of our students come from the Malvern or Worcester areas, but we are very accessible from Pershore and Evesham. As we are close to the southern edge of Worcestershire, we are in easy commuting distance of north Gloucestershire, Tewkesbury in particular.

Maths Exams Covered

Our main programme is aimed mainly at students in 10-18 age range and so covers the Key Stage 2 (Year 6) SATS, GCSE, AS and A level exams. At each level, all students need a thorough understanding of the basics in Maths and it is important to seek help as soon as possible, at least several months ahead of major exams.

Previous students have often gone on to achieve success in a subject they never thought possible. The difference this makes to their confidence and self-esteem is enormous.

We also offer tuition to adults, for specific exams that they need to pass, such as the NQT maths qualification, for example.

1:1 or Group Sessions

All our sessions are held online via Zoom. We adapt the type of teaching to the specific needs of the pupil. Small group sessions are possible too.

Terms and Conditions

Classes are booked on a monthly basis (unless otherwise discussed) with payment in advance. Regular attendance is expected in order to derive the most benefit.

Due to the Covid-19 virus, all sessions are held online at a mutually convenient time. Morning sessions are preferred whilst there is no school.

Minimum of 24 hours notice required in the event of non-attendance, otherwise the lesson will be charged.

If a break of 2 or 3 weeks is desired before resuming lessons, a weekly fee is payable to hold the place.