Adult Maths tuition is offered to help you improve your Maths ability. This can lead to a range of Adult qualifications which could improve your job prospects. Maybe you will feel more confident at helping your child with their homework. Perhaps, you always found it difficult at school and wish to improve purely for your own satisfaction. If so, then Active Tutoring can help. We start with the topics you wish to address, first and foremost and move on from there. It is never too late to learn!

It may be that you need a Maths qualification to improve your job prospects, or you need to update an existing Maths qualification. Whatever the reasons, we have the skills to make your Maths dreams come true!

Perhaps too, there is a certain amount of fear of Maths associated with previous experience of school Maths. Given a different approach and time, confidence improves, allowing for progress that even takes you by surprise. For the student and us, that is a most rewarding experience.

Some Adult Maths qualifications are taken online. Active Tutoring can help prepare you for this
Some Maths qualifications need you to take an exam online
Some jobs need you to pass exams. Active Tutoring can help you to boost your confidence and understanding in advance.
Some jobs need you to pass exams. Active Tutoring can help boost your confidence and understanding in advance.

Adult Maths Qualifications Offered

We offer tutoring for the following Maths qualifications:

  • GCSE
  • Functional skills qualifications

Please ask if your exam is not listed.

Adult Maths sessions are usually 1 hour in length as this ensures that the tuition is at its most effective for both tutor and student. They can be held in the evening or during in the school day, preferably mornings.

Have you an Exam Session Looming?

Do you need help to pass a forthcoming Maths exam?

Gifting Lessons

Have you ever thought of gifting the cost of a few Maths lessons to see if they would like to make a longer term commitment to improving their Maths abilities? Making an investment in someone’s future is the best gift anyone can make.