Preparation for entrance exams

We can prepare students for Entrance exams into the Independent sector. This takes time, so parents are urged to consider tutoring at an early stage. This way gives each student the best possible chance of success.

Parents, please note that the specific demands of each school may vary slightly, so details of the expectations must be provided.

Maths lessons are offered in the following format:

Ongoing support on a lesson by lesson basis, on a specific day once a week.

Intensive sessions Twice a week for the last few weeks prior to exams.

Session arrangements for final exam preparation

  1. Maths lessons are available over the holidays immediately preceding the exam to give the opportunity for any final preparations.
  2. The sessions also help to maintain the momentum required to achieve the best result.
  3. These sessions are timetabled via a holiday timetable given to each student a month ahead of the forthcoming holiday period. Students are generally asked to attend a morning session when they are least tired and likely to benefit the most from these sessions.
  4. Payment is required in advance as per the terms and conditions.
The emphasis is on giving a student confidence - Maths Tuition from the Active Tutoring Company, Malvern, Worcestershire