Active Tutoring Co offers tutoring in GCSE Maths throughout Years 10 and 11

The emphasis is on improving confidence and developing a thorough understanding of the Maths concepts required at this level. Exam techniques are also an important part of our teaching in the final few months just prior to the GCSE exam itself.

Maths is taught by qualified and experienced tutors who have a good understanding of the specific exam requirements for the different GCSE exam boards.

1-1 tuition started in Year 10 gives a confident start to GCSE Maths course Active Tutoring Company Worcestershire
1-1 tuition started in Year 10 gives a confident start to GCSE Maths course

A grateful parent writes:

I am writing to thank you for all the help you have given my son over the past few months.

Your committed approach to helping him build up his confidence and understanding of mathematics prior to his GCSEs this summer made a huge difference to how he felt going in to the exams. My only regret is not finding you two years ago at the very start of his course.

As you know, he is a dyslexic learner and your willingness to to work at his very varied pace and to check back at each stage that he had really ‘got it’ before moving on allowed him to relax and absorb the learning and to learn in his own way. This certainly made a difference to both his learning experience and I am sure, the outcome.

Finally, the unobtrusive but constant praise you offered him had a wider impact than Maths GCSE’.

Diagram explaining Pythagoras' Theorem - Active Tutoring, Malvern Worcestershire

1-1 GCSE Maths lessons

Bookings for Maths lessons are taken during the school year. It is advisable to book early, especially if the GCSEs are looming, as vacancies can get filled quickly. If your child is finding Maths difficult in Year 10, it is better to seek help then. This gives your child a better chance of success at GCSE first time.

Maths lessons are offered in the following format:

Ongoing support on a lesson by lesson basis, on a specific day once a week.

Intensive sessions Twice a week for the last few weeks prior to exams.

Session arrangements for final exam preparation

  1. Maths lessons are available over the Easter and May half-term holidays to give the opportunity for any final preparations for the forthcoming exams.
  2. The sessions also help to maintain the momentum required to achieve the best result.
  3. These sessions are timetabled via a holiday timetable given to each student a month ahead of the forthcoming holiday period. Students are generally asked to attend a morning session when they are least tired and likely to benefit the most from these sessions.
  4. Payment is required in advance as per the terms and conditions.
The emphasis is on giving a student confidence - Maths Tuition from the Active Tutoring Company, Malvern, Worcestershire
The emphasis is on giving the student confidence