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We offer 1-1 Maths and small group tutoring

At Active Tutoring we match our approach to the individual needs of each child and can offer either 1-1 tuition or a small group. We have the expertise to offer a balanced style of teaching. This helps students to develop a sense of enjoyment of Maths. We look to extend the understanding of Maths within all ability levels. Over time, they develop the confidence to use their skills to good effect.

How does Maths Tutoring work?

We are aware of the need to motivate students to help them overcome any difficulties in their Maths course. With patience, they gain the confidence to improve their maths understanding and knowledge. Our teaching reflects a flexible and imaginative approach to the different concepts in Maths.

Technology can often enhance understanding when developing new skills - Active Tutoring company
Technology can often enhance understanding when developing new skills.

Why Active Tutoring?

Active Tutoring works to make a big difference to every child's maths skills and understanding.

We focus on the positive aspects of a child's ability. We foster the development of coping strategies and determination. This enables every student to face the Maths challenges of their course. We have high expectations of the students and encourage them to be involved with their learning, taking increasing responsibility for it. This includes completing homework tasks promptly. We are aware too, of the need for building a good working relationship with each student. This is crucial for a successful outcome of any Maths lessons.

Active Tutoring believes in the positive effect that success in Maths can provide to young people. Our aim is to ensure that every child fulfills their potential. The confidence gained by a child when they find they can succeed in Maths, has a positive effect in other subject areas too.

There is no need for your child to have to struggle with Maths. It is crucial to the future job prospects of any student, but even more important is the confidence and self-worth that accompanies a successful outcome. Maths tutoring is an investment in your child's future.